Sunday, July 8, 2012

What an adoption trip looks like....

Just now finding a minute to post a quick update on all that's been happening. Greg is still hacking and coughing away, but overall we've seen a great improvement. He is still weak and tires very easily, but he has managed to keep his fever down for the last two days. He's been doing his breathing exercises and passing them each time, and the breathing treatments seem to really be helping. We've been feeding him teaspoon fulls of honey and loads of yogurt to help offset the harshness of the three antibiotics he's been taking. Andy still has NOT passed the penny. Tonight he has begun to complain of his tummy hurting again, and he is pointing to the lower part of his stomach. Please be in prayer that it is not the penny causing him pain, and that the pain will subside and the penny will pass. If he continues to complain of his tummy hurting they will most likely go ahead and do the surgery to remove it sooner rather than later.

I'd promised to try and post an itinerary of our trip so here is what our adoption trip will look like:
Wednesday July 11th
Leave Memphis airport 6 A.M. arrive Chicago 7:51 A.M.
Depart Chicago 12:05 P.M. arrive Beijing, China 2:40 P.M. (July 12)
Thursday July 12
After arriving @ Beijing airport, be met by CCAI guide who will accompany us to Crowne Plaza Wangfeng Hotel. Remainder of day is a free day
Friday July 13
Group tour (our adoption travel group) of Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Hutong tour, and Acrobatics show
Saturday July 14
Group tour-Beijing, and the Great Wall
Sunday July 15
Depart Beijing for Zhengzhou 10:20-11:50 Be met by CCAI rep, and be accompanied to Crowne Plaza Hotel. Walk to bank and exchange money to RMB
Monday July 16
GOTCHA DAY! We get Annabella! Afternoon sign Guardianship agreement, take registration certificate photos at local photo shop, return to hotel, fill out paperwork with CCAI rep.
Tuesday July 17
Take a bus to registration office to complete adoption registration in the morning. Adoption is finalized at this point, Annabella is officially our child. at 1 P.M. travel to LuoHe to the public security bureau and apply for Annabella's passport. There is a disclaimer that says travelling there can be an inconvenience due to major traffic congestion, overcrowdeness, caring for our newly adopted child, and we should be prepared for a very exhausting day of travel and paperwork. Directly after registration we will submit to a notary interview.
Wednesday July 18
Optional group shopping trip to the Lotus center (Wal-Mart) for supplies (possible trip to children's orphanage)
Thursday July 19
Receive notary documents in the afternoon, double check all documents for correct spelling and information. Failure to catch any discrepancies can cause Annabella not to be admitted into the U.S. (possible trip to children's orphanage)
Friday July 20
Receive some of the group's children's passports. Those not received will be mailed to the consulate in Guangzhou. Leave orphanage donations with CCAI rep at this time. (possible trip to children's orphanage)
Saturday July 21
Leave Zhengzhou for Guangzhou 12:50-3:05 Welcomed by CCAI rep who will accompany us to the China hotel
Sunday July 22
Free day
Monday July 23
Take bus to clinic to complete Annabella's physical exam for her visa, have visa photo taken this morning. She will also have a TB skin test done at this time. We are to bring water and snacks as this could be a very long day.
Tuesday July 24
Travel by bus to have TB skin test read, and be prepared to have chest x-ray done if necessary.
Wednesday July 25
Meet with CCAI reps to prepare paperwork for the Consulate appointment
Thursday July 26
TODAY IS OUR CONSULATE APPOINTMENT. CCAI will deliver our documents to the consulate in the morning in the afternoon we will go to take our oath.
Friday July 27
CCAI reps will go to the consulates office to receive our visa packets. These will be delivered to us and are to be left unopened.
Saturday July 28
Depart Guangzhou for Hong Kong @ 9:55. Check in to the Marriott Hotel at the Hong Kong Airport.
Sunday July 29
Depart Hong Kong 11:10 A.M. arrive Chicago 12:50 P.M. (same day)
Depart Chicago 4:15 P.M. arrive Memphis 5:58 P.M. Greet anyone who is there to welcome Annabella, and head HOME!

SO as you can see, this really is going to be a long and arduous trip for us.Especially for Greg who will still be recovering from this bout of pneumonia. We continue to value your support in prayer. The next few days will be very stressful and busy, so forgive me if I'm unable to update the blog again before we leave. God bless!!!

"Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the Lord Almighty." Zechariah 4:6 NIV

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