Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 7.... Houston, we have a biter!

Today is a free day. The first REAL free day we've had since we landed. Annabella slept through the night last night. She got up around 7:30 this morning and drank about an ounce of formula and went back to sleep. We got up around 9 and went down to breakfast where she ate 2 bowls of congee, a pile of noodles, and some friend rice. She ate a few chick peas too.

After breakfast we came back up to the room and got to video chat with my Mom for awhile. Then we changed into our swim suits and headed over to the pool. The water was really cool, and she didn't want to get in, but she was very happy and content to sit in my lap by the pool. Phil, Colt and Macy Jade were there too, and Annabella loved getting splashed when the kids jumped in!

Today we are seeing even more of her personality. She is very demanding, and she knows exactly what she wants. She goes back and forth between Greg and I and she lets us know whose turn it is. She has begun using sign language to communicate when she wants more of something. She is also calling me Mama! When she doesn't get her way, or is really frustrated, she will lash out and try to bite. She got Greg pretty good yesterday on the shoulder as we were leaving the PSB, and she has gotten my finger once pretty good too. I'm not sure the best way to handle this, but we have sternly said no and we watch for it and try to avoid situations where she can bite us.

She loves to be strolled around in her stroller, and she got REALLY mad at us when we got back from breakfast and she realized we were done strolling. She wouldn't let us take her out, trying to bite us each time we tried to unstrap her, so we just left her in her stroller, sat next to her and let her pitch her little fit. Once she realized we were NOT going to give in, she let us take her out, and she played in the room, just as happy as can be! So far her favorite toy is the plastic hotel comb! She also loves to dump out and pick up a little bag of plastic animals I brought. She doesn't know what to do with the doll, but does enjoy the light up ball. She must like to color, because she keeps trying to write on the hotel paper with the pens. Maybe we will buy her some crayons if we go to the store today or tomorrow.

Nilla wafer comes up through her nose every time she eats it, but so far that's about the only thing. She tries to overeat, and so we have to pace her. We just bring tiny plates of food at a time, or she will try to cram everything on it into her mouth at once. And you do not ever take a plate with any type of food away from her! She has terrible gas, and it makes her stinky! Hopefully that will level off in a few days, or the plane ride home is going to be very unpleasant! She is going to fit RIGHT in with my boys, lol!

Tomorrow we will have to go back to the Notary, and they are trying to arrange a van for us to go to Annabella's finding place. I think today we are just going to continue to take it easy, and may venture out to the Pizza Hut for dinner. Thank you all for continuing to follow our journey. Feel free to leave us comments here as I will be printing this blog and all the comments out into a book for her as a record of our adoption trip. I'm sure she will cherish all of the thoughts and prayers when she is older as much as we cherish them now. Well, that's really all there is to report! We haven't taken very many pictures today, but here are the few we have!

Playing with her bag of animals

Talking to her Grand Mommy

Laughing at getting splashed at the pool

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