Friday, July 20, 2012

A Day In Pictures...

 A Day in pictures....
Flowers in the lobby today...can you see how they squares off the greenery?
After breakfast on the marble steps

Eating lunch in the room. Leftover reheated noodles from dinner last night. We reheated them using boiled water from a pot in the room because there are no microwaves in the rooms here.

MMMMM noodles

Smog...You can not even see to the end of this city block
 After lunch and a loooong nap, we headed over to the park that is a block or so down from our hotel. It was so beautiful and I wanted to include as many pictures as I could for you to see.

These signs were everywhere. I have no idea what they say, but they were so cute!

They had carts selling cheap little toys. Several kids had these nets and were trying to catch fish or frogs in the river.

Almost back to the hotel...isn't the view of our hotel from here beautiful?

After our stroll to the park, we were soaking wet, so what better time to go swimming? Annabella let us get into the kids pool with her today.

She sometimes sucks her toes. The first day we had her, she tried to bite her toenails off. We promptly cut them to avoid that happening again!

 After the pool, we came back to the room and ordered room service for dinner. While we were waiting I jumped into the shower. Annabella was none too happy about it, so we put her in too. She loves a bath, but HATES a shower. This was what we dealt with while trying to get her dressed.

Annabella had rice

I had spinach and cheese ravioli with pine nuts and fresh ricotta

Greg had a hamburger that comes with a fried egg on it and a mesclun salad on the side.

It was another easy laid back day. We were supposed to get Annabella's passport, but there was a mix up and they sent it back to LuoHe. So the orphanage was sending someone to pick it up today and supposedly mail it here, which hopefully we will get before we fly out. If not, we will have to use our adoption certificate to get her on the plane, and then we will receive her passport via mail at the hotel in GZ. Please be in prayer that we DO receive her passport quickly, as we will be unable to leave China without it. Hopefully we will have good internet access again when we get to GZ, so our next post will be from there!

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