Saturday, July 14, 2012

A few more pictures...


This is carved from jade at the jade factory


Us in front of the jade carving

The Great Wall

The Great Wall

We were all pointing to this tall building. The story is that it was built on the "central line" or dragon line of Beijing, and if you look at all four buildings, it forms a dragon

This guy was balancing on a ladder while holding all these people at the acrobatics show

More balancing at the acrobatics show

Spinning plates at the acrobatics show

"Dare me to go inside?" One of the motorcyclists at the acrobatics show

There were 5 inside!
Us in the rickshaw heading to the Hutong tour

some of our group ahead of us in the rickshaws

one of Mr. Ho's cats

another of Mr. Ho's cats

Cricket in a cage at Mr. Ho's house. He sang the whole time we were there

standing in Tienanmen square the forbidden city in the background

Female lion inside The Forbidden City

Male lion

more of the Forbidden City

Forbidden City

Forbidden City

Forbidden City

our friends Kim and Kevin from San Diego. They will have their daughter in their arms later today!

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  1. Cannot wait to see a photo of that sweet girl in your arms ! Enjoy your trip!