Tuesday, July 24, 2012


We woke up today under a typhoon warning. It's been quite windy and rainy, but thankfully no flash flooding. Hopefully the typhoon will move quickly over us and we will be able to get out to do some shopping tomorrow. Today was just a laid back day. We got up a little before 9 and headed down to breakfast. Annabella was a big eater again, and even got brave enough to try a few bites of blueberry yogurt. Today her favorite was the sesame balls.

After breakfast our guide went with us to the Pearl market. We didn't get any pictures, but I'm planning to go back maybe tomorrow and take a few. We were very fortunate as taxis are HARD to get in the rain, and we were able to get one going and coming back very quickly. We only went to one store inside the market and got Annabella a pearl necklace and set of earrings for her 16th birthday.

We came back to the hotel for nap time, then we took a stroll to the 7-11 for some drinks. We walked around the hotel a bit and then decided to brave the weather to go the 1/2 a block down to the Dong Feng market. We weren't able to shop very long, since Annabella hates to shop, and started getting very fussy, but I was able to pick up a few silk scarves. I wound up with 4 for around 30.00, and I was pretty satisfied with that price.

Since she was fussy, we just headed back up to our room for some play time. Around 6:30 we met a few other families and took taxis to the Irish pub a few miles from here. The food was AMAZING! We had chicken cordon bleu, hamburgers, and spaghetti, and baskets of garlic bread. Everything was super fantastic, and it was really cheap. I think we may head back over there for dinner again tomorrow night.

Annabella was in a great mood all night, and she ate a piece and a half of garlic bread, and a little spaghetti, and a french fry. Once we got back to the hotel, we came straight up for bath and bed. She went down without a fuss, and is sleeping soundly. We haven't taken many pictures today, but here is what we have! Thank you for your continued prayers! We are feeling them here. Greg was able to hold Annabella more today than any other day, and she is even allowing him to calm her some when she is upset. Now if we can just get her to let him push her stroller, we'll really be in business!!!

After she got mad and tossed her shoes off, she got happy and let us stroll her around with her feet propped up!

lovin' her Daddy time

mouth full of cheerios!

eating her garlic bread while I cooled her spaghetti off

spaghetti...she even ALMOST ate some of the meat

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