Sunday, July 22, 2012

Medical exam...CHECK!

Waiting for the medical checkup stations to open

This was all of our group, waiting in the medical section for adoptive parents for our kids check ups

Zach AKA "Wild Man"


The Smith family

Zach and his Dad Mark

Kacey, Sean, and Caleb Brumelle

Annabella and I

She did fantastically! She was happy to sit and munch on her cheerios while we waited

Getting her ears checked

She even let her Daddy hold her a little today...thanks for answered prayers!!!

NOT happy about getting measured and weighed

little Diva wanted us to hand feed her, her cheerios!

City shots

Annabella thinks socks should go on your hands for nap time!

Overall things went incredibly well today. The family who adopted two boys, was told one had a heart murmur that was previously undetected, but they will follow up in the states on that, otherwise everyone checked out healthy! We will go back in 2 days to have the TB skin test read, and then we will be done medically here. This afternoon our guide is meeting with us to help walk us through the visa paperwork, and then tonight we will go on the pearl river cruise. Tomorrow we will head over to Shaimen Island with another couple to do some shopping, and that's all we have on tap. Wednesday will be the skin test reading, Thursday we will have our Consulate appointments. I will update more tonight after we get back from the cruise. Please continue to pray for Annabella and Greg's bonding to continue, and for all of us to have the patience and endurance to get through this week! God Bless!!!

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