Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 20...Hong Kong

I just want to start this post with a HUGE thank you to Senator Roger Wicker, his wife, and Kim Chamberlin who works in his office. They have worked tirelessly over the weekend and early this week to help not only our family but the Smith family and ultimately ALL of the 2000+ people who were delayed because of the visa slow down Friday. Not only did they make calls, and no telling what else to help get our visas issued Monday morning, they also went to bat for our families with United airlines and managed to get all of our change flight fees completely dropped. Including Phil and Niki Smith's 4000.00 fees! We were all SO EXCITED!!! There are not words adequate to explain what this has meant to us here, and to our friends and families at home, and I hope that all of you will take a moment to say a prayer for these people, and if you feel so moved to send them a quick personal thanks!

I don't feel super great so I'm going to make this a quick post tonight. We've made it to Hong Kong, (as I'm sure you guessed by the title!) We got through the border with no problems, and even though they took our temperatures with what looked like a ray gun, we truly had no hassle at all with the crossing. We went over the harbor via two beautiful bridges, though you who know me well, know that was NOT my favorite part :) Once we made it to the hotel, we got checked in, battled it out with United for seats together on our flights, and then went down for dinner.

Greg grossed me out by eating RAW shrimp with antennae as long as Annabella's arms, and sliced octopus. I had noodle soup prepared to order with bok choy, shrimp, dried shallot, and garlic, and Annabella had her usual fried rice. We actually managed to mash some shrimp up enough that she ate it with the rice, so she FINALLY got some protein. Well, unless God has other plans, we are set to board our flight out tomorrow around 11 AM, and since we have to grab breakfast before the airport shuttle arrives at 8:40, I'm off to bed. We took a lot of pictures on the drive from Guangzhou to Hong King, and I promise to do my best to upload those as soon as I can.

Please be in prayer for us as we take that long flight home, and for our family as we finally unite with our boys, and become a true family of 6! Pray also for us that God will continue to work in our lives, and will lead us down His path without any trepidation! We already know that He is not done with His plans for us, and can't wait to see what else He has in store for our family!

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