Friday, August 31, 2012


In the past two weeks we have...
1. Battled through more than an hours worth of homework with a 2nd grader multiple times,
2. Grilled steaks (a rarity!)
3. Weathered a hurricane...OK, we didn't get much of it, but still, this was another first for our daughter ;)
4. Seen a blue moon
Blue Moon...Isaac's clouds wreaked havoc on my picture
5. Annabella slept in her crib in her own room almost all night one night (We made it til 5:15 A.M. when I gave up and brought her to the pack and play so I could sleep for one straight hour!)
6. FINALLY successfully delivered a stool sample for testing...we've been trying to get one to Southaven during regular biz hours on the same day as the sample for 4 straight weeks.
7. Been able to sit outside and enjoy the porch without having a heat stroke in the evening
8. Had someone try to break into our home one night with just the kids and I home
9. Installed two new motion lights on the back of the house (Just in case whomever tried to break in to our house a couple of weeks ever decides to come back!)
10. Watched Hummingbirds on my parent's porch
Look at the tiny feathers! I love the detail of this shot
11. Annabella has really mastered using a spoon
12. Seen all three boys make 100's on work in school
13. Found out what the twin's IQ's are
14. Welcomed Andy into Discovery  (our gifted classes)
15. Been to Memphis or Southaven three times
16. Cleaned the fish tank...and didn't kill the fish!
17. Had Annabella's ears pierced
18. Been swimming in 20 mile bottom countless times
19. Killed multiple wasp nests and wasps equaling the size of two five gallon bucket openings
20. Greg has been stung twice, Nathan once, Dad once
21. Found three of the cats playing with attempting to kill/eat a lizard INSIDE our house.
The lizard after we put him outside...not sure if he survived, but we did try!
22. I've gone back to being a redhead
23. Annabella has learned to say "Up! Up!"
24. Installed four baby gates
25. Alex has read almost through the entire Diary of A Wimpy Kid book all by himself
26. Painted Annabella's nails for the first time
27. Given all the cats nails a trim...except Prissy who is declawed :)
Sadie after the toenail clipping
28. Had our first "post adoption" home visit from our social worker
29. Been able to begin serving at church again
30. Initiated the "re-adoption" process to satisfy the State of Mississippi so we can have a birth certificate issued for Annabella
31. Shaved Stonewall's underside. Yes. We shave our cat. No. We are not crazy. He's pretty tame about it actually.
32. Said goodbye to a beloved family member.
33. Annabella has learned to stack up to 8 blocks, and put Duplo legos together
34. Introduced Annabella to the sandbox, and had many fun days playing in it since
Playing in the sandbox
35. Cleaned Silly Putty from underwear, new school shirts, crib sheets, bunk beds, and numerous pillows and stuffed animals. Some survived, some did not. We had to shave one fuzzy pillow, then cut a section and had to sew it back together again. The things we do for our kids!

As you can see, we've been quite busy, and these are just a few of the things we've been up to! Life here is busy, busy, busy, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Here are a few more pictures to go with these verbal snapshots of our life these past few weeks.

Stonewall before the shaving

20 Mile Bottom

6:18 A.M. one hour after I gave in and put her into the pack and play in our room, this was 15 minutes before I had to wake her up to take the boys to school

Alex and Annabella

Annabella and Alex playing in the sandbox

The remnants of Hurricane Isaac blowing Annabella's hair, look closely and you can see her new earrings!

Andy making silly faces for Annabella so she would laugh

Landing zone

Hummingbirds at Mom and Dad's

Getting a drink

Male and Female

I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you. John 14:18

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