Sunday, August 5, 2012

Settling In...

Friday's appointment went very well. Annabella got a great check up, and was a true champ when it came time to get her three shots. We will go back this week for blood work, and stool sample testing for a variety of things as a precautionary measure, and we will also need to have our meeting with the cleft palette team to see if she is going to need further surgery at this time on her palette. Andy was referred for another x-ray to ascertain if he still had the penny, or if he'd finally made change. After the appointment we had dinner at Red Robin, and then headed to Target to get school shoes, and then home.

We had a hard time driving home again as the jet lag was really kicking in, but we made it safely and crashed into bed soon there after! Greg slept most of Saturday as he had to go back to work that night, and the kids and I just played around the house. Another adoptive family whom we've recently become friends with brought us dinner that night, and just before they were set to arrive, Nathan fell off the top of Annabella's Cozy Coupe car and hurt his knee. So after 45 minutes we had to make a call and opted to head to the Urgent care clinic before they closed for an x-ray. Since we had orders for Andy's as well, he went too.

Thankfully Andy's x-ray showed that the penny had finally passed so no surgery was needed. Nathan did not break anything, just a sprained knee, and so off we went to the gas station before heading home. We filled up with gas and when I went to turn on the car, the battery was dead. So we sat there at the gas pump, called Greg and Daddy, and finally our friend Tim. Tim lives pretty close by and he was willing to come help us out so after several failed attempts to jump the car, he pushed it into a parking space in an adjacent lot, and we waited on Mom to come pick us up. When she arrived, Tim tried her set of cables that was a bit newer to see if we could get enough of a jump to start the car. Just as we were giving up, the thing roared to life!

So off we went followed by Mom to the house! She had actually gone to town to pick up a few groceries for us since we'd not planned on leaving the house that day, and I was sooo thankful that she was able to come by and we were able to get the car started. We made it home about 30 minutes before Greg had to leave for work, so we all ate and I gave Annabella a bath and then it was bed for all of us.

I put Annabella in her crib in her room for the first time, since Greg had gotten the video monitor hooked up and she didn't even whimper. She slept in her room only waking up and crying once. All I had to do was go in, pick her up and kiss her head and she was back out  like a light! I had a rough night though because the monitor is 10 years old, and we've had it stored since the twins were little. It had a static to it that would just pop through in the night. I didn't have batteries for the sound monitors our friends lent us so I had no choice but to endure the static on the monitor. Between her whimpering a few times, the one waking incident, and the static I barely slept. Of course I've been dead all day, and here it is finally quiet and peaceful, and I'm wide awake. This jet lag is terrible!!! Tonight she is back in the pack and play in our room, because I simply can't stand another night like last night. Hopefully we can sit down and try to get batteries in the other monitors and maybe even tweak these tomorrow too.

Tomorrow we will go to meet Alex's teacher, and see Andy's...he has our friend from church, so I can't really say "meet" her, lol! We haven't gotten a call from Nathan's school or teacher, so we will drop by to see if he can see his new class rooms and hopefully meet his Discovery teacher as well. I hope we can drop off all of their school supplies so they won't have to deal with them on the bus, but we will see. At this point I know it sounds awful, but I can't even remember where I put their stuff I bought before we left for China!

Today we got up and went to church. Greg actually went straight from work and he ran a camera for 1st and the worship part of 2nd service. I got there just as 1st was letting out and Annabella was a big hit! We got the boys checked in to their rooms and Annabella and I sat in front and watched the band through the worship part of the service. Greg then took her home and I stayed for the rest of the service. It was so good to be back today and see all of our church family. NorthStar is so much a part of our lives, it really was a bit like FINALLY being home to be able to go to a service. One of our friends asked if she could bring us dinner and set up a few people to bring food, and we were so grateful for that!

We believe that Annabella has Giardia and that I also have gotten it. I have been having severe stomach cramps and problems since about a week to 10 days after we got her. Nothing I've taken has been able to settle it down, and even being home has not made a dent. Add to that the total lack of sleep and jet lag, and you can probably understand just how rough I'm feeling. I hope that we can get everything diagnosed and get whatever meds we need this week to get better, and that by this time next week I will be my old self again!

I must admit that I took the camera to Memphis with us, but failed to take it in to the doctor's office, and I also failed to take a picture of Annabella's first time at church. Shame on me, I'm such a bad blogger! I do have one new picture I'll try to upload for you though. Until I'm feeling better, the blog posts may be a little few and far between, or skimpy at best. Please hang with me, I do promise that I will get better about it just as quickly as I can. I hear that several of you have somewhat enjoyed my posts, and that brings me joy, as I have really enjoyed the process of writing them. I used to write all the time, and after I had the boys, I just never found the time. Writing for me is very soothing. Putting words onto paper...or in this case cyberspace, is just a way for me to organize the billion thoughts that go through my head at once. I look forward to continuing this journey of blogging, and especially about my four favorite children.

"There remains, then, a Sabbath-rest for the people of God;  for anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from their works, just as God did from his." Hebrews 4:9-10 (How appropriate was this verse from my quiet time today for this post, and my state of mind?)

Sleeping Beauty

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