Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Home again, home again...

Sunday all three boys left for Lake Forest Ranch with our church for camp.
Our church fed the kids whose parents served and attended services that day. The kids all got pizza and ice cream...YUM!

Getting some Grandmommy love before heading out

So excited!

Heading out!

Our church took one of the largest groups for the session. It took two 15 passenger vans, one mini van, and a trailer to carry everyone and everything! Just as they began loading up, it began to storm. They fortunately got out of the storm quickly, and the kids didn't see more than a sprinkle of rain the whole time they were at camp. This afternoon they got home around 4:30. I know they have had a lot of fun, but MAN OH MAN is Nathan tired! He's not the only one, here's what we saw when they were unloading the twin's van.
 Apparently Alex was in this position the entire way home! One thing I love is that when they come home, we get a photo CD with tons of camp pictures. Here are some of the boys having a blast.
Andy and the "giant swing"

Alex running after the ball

Alex playing kick ball

Nathan tubing, Going...



Enjoying a frosted sugar cookie they got to make

They learned so much, and had so many stories to tell! They really enjoyed the night that Keith Coast entertained them. He did several magic tricks, and the boys thought he was super funny! Their absolute favorite was when he blew up a GIANT BALLOON with a LEAF BLOWER, then GOT INSIDE...and did THE CHICKEN DANCE! If you want a good laugh, you can see this YouTube video of his routine. We have been so incredibly blessed to be able to send Nathan the past two years, and to be able to send all of them this year. The twins were able to be part of the "Sunshine Club" since they were some of the youngest group of campers, and they were able to get a bit more one on one time with their counselors. I think they are already looking forward to next year! Here are a few more group shots of our church group, and the boy's cabin mates.
Nathan (Front left)

Alex (Peeping out on the right side)

Andy (Front left, red shirt)

NorthStar Church Group Picture, we took 28 kids!

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